Rules and Regulations

Patrons are required to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by The SSK Club. Here are the rules and regulations.

The SSK Club Rules & Regulations

The application for Membership of the Club (“Membership”) must be made as per the prescribed format (“Application Form”).

Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time shall be notified to the Members of the Club by putting up a copy thereof at the Club Reception.

The Management of the Club vests exclusively to the Board of Directors of KUTE VENTURE.

“Club Members” shall include the Primary Club Member, spouse/future spouse of the Primary Club Member and his/her Dependants or future Dependants, if any and the Add-on Dependants.

“Guest” shall mean such person(s) who visits the Club Area along with any Club Member.

Membership of the Club shall not be heritable.

The Club Members and Guests shall adhere to the Terms and Conditions, Bylaws and any other applicable rules and regulations.

Any Club Member found guilty of act(s) of misbehavior, misconduct, misuse of facilities of the Club or breach of Terms and Conditions, and any other applicable

rules and regulations shall be cautioned, on the first instance. The subsequent occurrence of any such act shall result in the termination of Membership by the Club Management and such shall be attributed to the Club Member.

The Club Member shall be responsible for ensuring that the Guest adheres to all Terms and Conditions, and any other applicable rules and regulations.

Club Members are responsible for all charges and fines incurred by the Guests.

The Club Management reserves its right to deny access to Guests at its sole discretion.

Any Guest that has been debarred from the Club, for any reason whatsoever, shall thereafter be prohibited from entering the Club.

The payment of the Membership Deposit, Annual Subscription and Facility Usage Fees shall be done promptly.

In case of non-payment after the issue of notice, the Club Management may terminate the Membership.

The Club Members and Guests of Club Members shall not carry out illegal, defamatory, immoral or obscene activities within Club Area; and shall not use the premises of the Club for such purposes.

All Club Members and Guests undertake that no arms, weapons or ammunition or any kind of material or substance which is dangerous shall be brought into the Club Area. Any Club Member and/or Guests found to be in violation of the above undertaking shall be evicted from the Club Area and the Club Management reserves its right to initiate appropriate proceedings for such violation.

Any Club Members and/or Guests found to be in possession and /or engaging in consumption or preparation of substances prohibited as per the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 shall be evicted from the Club Area and the Club Management reserves its right to initiate appropriate proceedings for such violation.

The use of the facilities of the Club is entirely at the risk of the Club Members and Guests. The Club Management shall not be liable for any injury, damage, death or loss caused during the course of their visit to the Club or due to use of the Club facilities.

All Club Members are bound to warn their Guests, of the risks before entering Club.

All Club Members and Guests shall be presumed to have understood the risks inherent and consented to their exposure to the entire risks incidental to their presence on the Club.

The Primary Club Member shall be fully liable for any damage caused to the property of the Club or to the person or property of any employee of the Club or to any other Club Members, or Guests, resulting directly or indirectly from any action by the Primary Club Member his/her spouse, Dependants/ Add-on Dependants, and/or Guests.

The Club Management shall have the right and authority to manage the affairs of the Club.

The Club Management reserves the right to close any facility for maintenance or any special activity, upon prior intimation through publication on notice board of the Club.

The Club Management stores the data of its members and guests for its own use only. We will never gather or use information without receiving your explicit permission. The information helps us create collaborative, enjoyable and memorable guest experiences at The Club.

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