Billiards / Snooker

Tucked away in a corner of the Club is the Billiards & Snooker room. The Billiards & Snooker room features one table each for Billiards and Snooker. The floor to ceiling windows at the South wall overlook the internal courtyard and let in ample natural light during the day. Located on the second floor, this room is accessible via the stairwell or lift and open to members only. The Club is organising a Snooker Tournament in the coming months.


2 tables – 1 for Billiards & 1 for Snooker


10am – 10pm


Everything is chargeable per frame


Players are bound to follow the Club rules.

The SSK World Club organises Sports Tournaments so members and non-members can check with the management if they are interested to participate.