Business Centre

Besides leisure and recreational activities, the SSK World Club also provides spaces for business activities. The Business Centre is one such space. Located on the ground floor, the Business Centre is easily accessible for your important functions. The room can comfortably accommodate 100 people with row seating or 80 people with table seating. The floor to ceiling glass windows facing East offer a view of the rolling hills and let in ample natural light during the day. The Business Centre has access to the lawn for meetings that involve breakfast, lunch & dinner. The SSK World Club provides inhouse catering for business meetings with attractive package deals. External bookings from non-members are welcome. And if you would like to customise your experience, we are ready to help you.


Air Conditioned room opening onto the East lawn


 10am – 10pm


100 pax row seating

80 pax with tables


Catering available on request.

External bookings welcome.

Patrons are bound to follow the Club rules.

Please check availability to avoid disappointment.

Lots of options available like joint use of lawns for extended meetings with breakfast, lunch & dinner catering options. Please check with the management for a customised solution.